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Parent Testimonial

This place is awesome! I completely trust the staff with my 1.5 year old. I was a little hesitant at first because she’s never been in daycare. She loved it and now she’s a full time daycare goer.
-Kimberly Kopchak
  1. Q

    Are snacks provided?


    Yes. At no additional charge we do provide snacks throughout the day. Our snacks are peanut free.
  2. Q

    How do meals work?


    When you check in you have the option to place a lunch or dinner order. Our meals are delivered by Outback. There is no specific time you need to place the order by.
  3. Q

    Can we bring our own foods?


    Yes. We have refrigerators and microwaves.
  4. Q

    Are you a peanut free facility?


    No. Our snacks are peanut free but the food brought in and ordered from Outback may not be.
  5. Q

    How long can my kid stay?


    As long as you need. There is no restriction on how long your child stays at KidsZone.
  6. Q

    What security measures are in place?


    We verify with a picture id at check out. Kids are buzzed into the center. No one is allowed into the center unless accompanied by a staff member.
  7. Q

    Are immunization records needed?


    Yes. You have 30 days from your first visit to get us these records. We do accept immunization exemptions. Learn more about exemption forms here. http://www.scdhec.gov/Health/Vaccinations/ExemptionsfromSchoolVaccineRequirements/
  8. Q

    What is the child to staff ratio?


    In our Nursery (12 months to 2 years) it is 1:5. On our floor (3 and up) it is 1:10.
  9. Q

    Are employees background checked?


    Yes. All employees are thoroughly backgrounded checked.
  10. Q

    Are employees CPR and First Aid trained?


    Yes. All employees are required to be CPR and First Aid trained to work at KidsZone.
  11. Q

    What if my child is crying or gets hurt?


    We will call you. If your child is crying for longer than 15 minutes or gets hurt we will call you to let you know. You don't have to pick them up when we call. It's just a courtesy call.
  12. Q

    Are children separated by age?


    Yes. Children 2 years and under are in the nursery room. We have an older kids section for 6 years and up. Our staff keeps an eye on all activities to make sure the kids are having fun and playing appropriately.
  13. Q

    Do you have cameras?


    Yes. We have three cameras recording and saving the footage.
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