How it works.

We want to make dropping off and picking up easy and simple. You shouldn’t have to stress or waste your time looking for someone to watch your child. Your time is valuable!

Parent Testimonial

Super friendly employees and quick and easy drop off and pick up, love that they are open on Saturdays.
-Megan Reetz

How We Reinvented Childcare

There are a lot of things we are doing differently. The three main differences that make KidsZone a more flexible and convenient option are Extended Hours, Drop-In, and Hourly Rates.
Extended Hours
We open early, we stay open late, and we are open on the weekends until Midnight! We do this so you can use us when you need us.
No need to plan ahead. Come when you are ready to drop off or pick up. Just drop-in any time on any day.
Hourly Rates
Parents should only pay for the time they use, which is why we have hourly rates. Only pay for the time you use.
What kids will do at KidsZone

Nursery Ratio: 1 to 5
Main Floor Ratio: 1 to 10

3 Easy Steps
  1. Step 1: Register
    You only need to Register and Activate your account once. You can do this in-person or online.
  2. Step 2: Drop-In
    No need to call ahead or reserve a spot. Simply drop in any time, on any day.
  3. Step 3: Pick-Up & Pay
    You pay at pick-up. Your child can stay as long as you need.
Our Prices
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