Our Nursery
We know how hard it is to leave your baby, which is why we put so much love and attention into our nursery room.
12 Months to 23 Months
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Parent Testimonial

I dropped my 20 month old son today from 12 to 8 pm tonight and he had the best time such a fun clean place to drop your little one off and know there being taken great care of they fed him dinner gave him a nap when I picked him up he wanted to keep playing I would highly reccommend taking your little one here! We will be back.
-Amy langrell

Our Ratio: 1 to 5

  1. Trained
    Our staff is trained specifically for infant and toddler care.
  2. Quiet
    Our nursery room is a room, separated from the rest of our center.
  3. Ratio
    We maintain a 1:5 ratio, giving your baby personal care and attention.
  4. Play Time
    Our staff will provide tummy time and sensory activities with your baby. Toddlers will have a variety of toys and activities to do.
  5. Clean
    Cleanliness is top priority. Cribs and toys are sanitized after each use.
  6. Daily Report
    When you pick-up you will receive a daily report letting you know everything your child did and experienced.
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