Our Story
As a mother of two energetic children, with a husband who found himself leaving town for work or on duty with the Air Force Reserves at least once a month or months at a time when deployed, I found myself needing lots of babysitting. But the few babysitters, family, and friends I trusted to watch my kids had busy lives themselves. Often times I couldn’t find anyone to watch my kids, so I brought them with me as I went from the doctor’s office to the grocery store to the hair salon. When I went back to school, it became even harder to find childcare with my classes and study time on top of all the other things I needed to get done.

I needed something that would allow me to drop off my kids for a few hours at a time that was open early and stayed open late, and even on the weekends so I could get life done and get a much needed date night with my husband. My kids needed something that would be fun and provide them with activities and engaging play to keep them entertained, and furnish them with opportunities to socialize with other kids.

A drop-in hourly childcare is what I needed. This idea isn’t new but Greenville didn’t have one, so I set out to open one. As I researched all the different kinds of drop-in childcare centers I was excited that the idea was out there and spreading but disappointment because they could do so much more to engage the kids in imaginative, active play. Most of the drop-in childcare centers provide some toys and maybe a simplistic play feature. They had the drop-in, extended hours, and hourly rates, but they were missing the energetic and imaginative play, the part that is truly fun for kids.

I want KidsZone to be a place of energetic and imaginative play in a safe and secure environment surrounded by fun loving professional caregivers. A place I could trust to take care of my kids. And a place that my kids would enjoy.