Parents Night Out

We make date night easy
Professional Babysitting.

You get a night off and we entertain the kids!
Every weekend we have a different theme with crafts, games, fun activities, pizza, and special treats. Plus, the kids love to play on our indoor play structure, in our tiny town, and with all our toys!
We are a DSS licensed childcare center and our staff are highly qualified teachers, professionally trained in CPR and First Aid, and they are background checked. Providing the best care for your child is our number one priority!

Parent Testimonial

We had a great experience with kidszone today! The themed activities were great, and my 3 year old son didn't stop talking about what all he did there. I also appreciate that they take babies down to 12 weeks. Fun, clean facility for our little guys!
-Jenny Walker Percic
How It Works
Parents Night Out is every Friday and Saturday
From 6pm to Midnight

There will be Free Pizza, Snacks, and Special Treats

It's one flat fee for 6 hours of childcare


1st Child

2 years old and older



any age


1st Infant

12 weeks to 23 months
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Our Weekend Themes
  1. Clemson vs South Carolina
    Nov 23-24
    Clemson vs South Carolina
    The kids will do a craft, create their own jersey. Then they will play a game, can you make a field goal. For our special snack the kids will have Football Rice Crispy treats. And our late night movie will be The Game Plan, a Disney movie staring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  2. S'more Camping Fun
    Nov 2-3
    S'more Camping Fun
    The kids will make a popsicle stick tent. Then they will play 2 games; S'more bog and AX toss. For our special snack the kids will have S'more Mix. And our late night movie will be Scooby Doo Camp Scare.
  3. Pirates & Mermaids
    Nov 9-10
    Pirates & Mermaids
    The kids will paint their own treasure chest. Then they will play Captain Hooks Ring Toss. For our special snack the kids will have Underwater Jello. And our late night movie will be Tinkerbell & the Pirate Fairy.
  4. Fall Carnival
    Nov 16-17
    Fall Carnival
    The kids will create cotton candy art. Then they will play ring toss and guess how many Hershey's Kisses are in the jar. For our special snack the kids will have Marshmallow Dumbbells. And our late night movie will be Madagascar 3.
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