Summer Camp

This Summer Childcare Is On Your Schedule
Customized for you.

You pick the days and only pay for what you need!
A summer of fun and friends awaits your child at KidsZone. Whether it’s for a couple of hours, half a day, or a full day, we have plenty to keep the fun going.

We have planned field trips to parks and other fun places, and there will be special guests coming to KidsZone to entertain the kids throughout the summer.

Parent Testimonial

My 4-year-old had the best time. He did not want to leave. He said it was "so cool" and his favorite part was "going on the jungle gym." I am so happy to have this option for our busy lives. Thank you KidsZone!
-Carissa Wirgau
How We Can Help You This Summer
We want your summer to be flexible so you can do the things you need to do when you need to do them. And here is how we will put childcare on your schedule this summer.

No commitment. Just drop off when you need us. You don’t need to obligate yourself to a whole week or the whole summer. You can pay as you go and drop off when you need us. We do have different bulk plans to help you save money. Simply pick the plan that best fits your needs.

Use us when you need us. We are open 6 days a week for 15 hours a day. Come early, come late, and you can even come on Saturdays. The days are long during the summer and we are open long enough to give you the whole day and evening to get things done.

You pick when your child comes and how long they stay. Most summer camps have specific start and end times. And worse they give you 4 or 8 hours and you have to pay extra to get late pickup. Not with KidsZone.

We customize childcare to your needs. You pick the days, you pick how long, you pick when to drop off and pick up, and you only pay what you use.

Summer Camp Details
Our Summer Camp is divided into two age groups; Preschool (2-5) and Older Kids (6-12).

The preschool camp will have tons of planned activities, special guests, and planned events, but they will also spend time learning a preschool curriculum. Just because its summer doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. Mother's Morning Out for the Summer!

The Old Kids will get to go on field trips to parks and other cool places around Greenville 1-2 times a week, along with special guests and other planned events at KidsZone.

You Can Reserve Now
You can simply drop off when you need us without worrying about scheduling ahead of time. But if you want to guarantee your spot then you can reserve for the days and weeks you need now.

For full-time childcare please visit our booking site to select the weeks you need.
Weekly Camp
If you want to pick the days (part-time or all day) please visit our reservation site.
By Day/Part-Time

Our Plans

● Block Hours Don't Expire

● Use them on any day, at any time

Block hours give you a discount on our hourly rate



​4 hours

Sibling: $16



​10 hours

Sibling: $40



​30 hours

Sibling: $120



​50 hours

Sibling: $200

Day Rate

● 9 hours, starting at check-in


1st Child



Unlimited Weekly

● Unlimited and Unrestricted use of KidsZone

● The week starts on Monday, ends on Saturday

● For kids 2 years and up


1st Child



Our Summer Event Schedule
Our Summer events start June 10th!
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